10 Unique DIY Ways to Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is such a fun and creative time of year. Between pumpkin carving, pumpkin decorating, pumpkin painting, and pumpkin crafting- there must be a creative and unique way to decorate your pumpkin that are sure to impress your kids this Halloween! Use any of these any printable pumpkin patterns and how to carve a pumpkin to find the perfect pumpkin patterns with characters, pumpkin painting, animal pumpkin carving ideas, and jack o lantern patterns to make with your kids this Halloween.

1. The Mummy Wrapped Pumpkin



Use cheesecloth cut into thin strips. Apply fabric stiffener to cheesecloth and apply strips to pumpkin, leaving the top and bottom of the pumpkin uncovered. Let dry. Hot-glue eyes to pumpkin. Using additional cheesecloth strips cover each eye diagonally so a little of each eye peeks out. Let dry. Carve out a small mouth from the layers of cheesecloth using a crafts knife and paint the inside of the mouth black or use glow in the dark paint.

2. Spider Stencil Pumpkin



This pumpkin is easy to make- just grab some paints and a few spooky stencils and have some fun. Throw on some glitter, feathers, or cool sequins and you have a designer Halloween pumpkin.

3. Glitter and Gold Pumpkins



A little paint, glitter, and stenciling can make some truly glamorous designer looking Halloween pumpkins!

4. Simply Sequin Pumpkins



Grab some glue and sequins and make yourself a shiny beautiful pumpkin- big or small works great!

5. Crayon Drip Pumpkin

These are the latest craze in designer pumpkins. So unique and creative and very fun for kids! Just keep the heart away from them.

6. Fun Owl Halloween Pumpkin

Get the full instructions HERE.

7. Silhouette Face Pumpkins



These are so cute and trendy! You can make these on fake pumpkins as well to reuse year after year.

8. Pretty Painted Pumpkins

This video has some fantastic ideas and not just for pumpkins!

9. Mouse Invasion Pumpkin



This one is great for a cool creep factor and very easy to make. Just make some simple holes in a big pumpkin and add rubber mice, rats, or even creepy crawly bugs.

10. The Ultimate Carved Pumpkin

Cant forget Halloween’s favorite carved pumpkin. These are what Halloween is all about. So many cool patterns and designs to choose fun. Go for flair, go for the creativity, go for the fun and get messy!

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