14 Paranormal Creatures You Don’t Want to Meet

If you’re fascinated by the paranormal, beyond wanting to understand ghosts, then there are definitely a few creatures you might dream of encountering. However, it would be preferable that they are at a safe enough distance that you don’t have to worry about becoming their next victim. Here are 14 of the most terrifying paranormal creatures you truly do not want to meet.

1. The Jersey Devil

Since 1735, the Jersey Devil has been terrorizing the streets of New Jersey. To date, there have been more than 2,000 people who have encountered the creature with reports coming in within the last year. There was even a time when the city become so terrified of the creature, it shut down schools and factories would stay closed for a period of time to avoid it.
The Jersey Devil has been reported to be a mixture of a crane, collie, and a horse. Of those who have seen it, one of the most credible witnesses has had their name stricken from records for fear that their testimony would harm their career in politics.

2. The Mothman

It is believed if you are visited by the Mothman, a catastrophic event is soon to take place. This creature is described as being seven feet tall with a wingspan that reaches 10 feet wide. It has greyish scaly skin and eyes that can hypnotize you. It communicated with a screech or a squeal that sounds like a motor and it can control your mind. The sightings began in 1966 and each time the creature is spotted, a terrible event occurs. This includes the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967.

3. The Loveland Lizard

Since 1972, there have been reports of a wing creature mystery flying through the night air. The creature is about four feet and estimated to weigh about 75 pounds. It has leathery skin and the face of a frog. The first sighting was by an officer on duty who thought the creature was a dead animal in the road. As soon as the officer went out to inspect it, the eyes of the creature began to glow and it took off into the darkness. Since then, several people have reported encounters with the creature.

4. Popobawa

In Pemba, there is a creature that terrorizes the people who live on the main islands in the area. The creature assaults men in the area and demands they tell others about what happens. If they refuse, the creature returns and causes more serious injury to the victim. This beast appears every 10 years and is a winged beast that is a cross between a dwarf and a bat.

5. The Dover Demon

In 1977, the first sighting of the demon was made by a teenager on his way home. He saw a mysterious figure creeping along the side of a wall on the road. The entity has long arms, a hairless and leathery body, with peach limbs, and a watermelon shaped head. Where its eyes should be were glowing orange orbs. While haunting the community for a short period of time there have been no recent sightings of the creature.

6. Pontianak

In Indonesia, the Pontianak is one of the most terrifying creatures around. The entity has a putrid stench of death that surrounds it. These creatures are the angry souls of women who died during childbirth it is believed they will feast on the flesh of husbands they can seduce and the womb of a pregnant woman.

7. Vodnici

Vodnici are underwater ghosts in the Czech Republic who claim the souls of unfortunate people who swim in ponds and rivers. The appear as vagrants and they will entice you to swim in their waters. If they are able to drown you they will claim your soul for an eternity. You can usually spot these creatures as they smoke heavily and play cards near the river and will use these vices in order to entice those around them to come and spend some time with them.

8. Encantado

A shapeshifter who has a passion for trickery, the Encantado haunts the people of Brazil. These creatures come up through the local waters to trick humans and to impregnate women with their deadly spawn. The creatures will take their offspring and human children and take them to the Amazon River, where they are never seen again. In some variations of the stories of these paranormal creatures, adults are also taken to the Amazon River where they are drowned and their souls are then consumed to give the Encantado the power to respawn.

9. Jikininki

In Japan, the Jikininki is a ghost who consumes human flesh. The doomed souls of the greedy, these spirits appear as decomposing entities that must fill their bottomless stomachs with the flesh of man. While they predominately eat the corpses of the freshly dead, they will attack anyone who ventures into the graveyard at night. Once a person becomes a Jikiniki, it is impossible for them to find any kind of peace in the afterlife.

10. Manananggal

The Manananggal comes from the Philippines. The creature is believed to be a vampire with the ability to separate itself from its torso. As it rips apart its body, it takes off with large, leathery wings and seeks out pregnant women. When it locates them, it will drain the blood from her womb and consume the heart of the fetus. The only way to kill this creature is when it has torn apart from its torso and sprinkling salt on its lower half.

11. Jorōgumo

The Jorōgumo is another creature that stems from Japan. To the average male, it appears as one of the most breathtaking women they have ever seen. But as soon as she lures you back to her home, she wraps the man into a silky web and then eats him. In some variations of the legend the creature will lure the man with an intoxicating song similar to that of a siren. When the man falls under her spell, he will do her bidding and help her to become pregnant before she eventually consumes him.

12. Leshy

In Europe, the Leshy is a protector of the woods. The magical creatures can change size to either intimidate or escape the humans who terrorize the woods. Their main focus in protecting the woods at all costs and will seek out anyone who brings harm to the trees and creatures of the area. These shapeshifters will often take the form of a loved one to convince you it is safe to approach them. In some legends, they will then tear you to pieces to help protect the woods. Other variations mention they will tickle you until you retreat and hide the axes of those who attempt to harm the woods.

13. Bean Nighe

In Scotland, the Bean Nighe is a woman who died during childbirth and is now a messenger from beyond the grave. When they appear to you, they inform you of your forthcoming demise. They then clean the bloody garments of the dead, until they were originally intended to die. While they are messengers of death, they do not cause physical harm to the people that they end up visiting.

14. Lady Midday

Lady Midday is an evil entity that torments field workers of every industry. She appears to an unfortunate soul at noon and begins to speak to her victim. She asks them a serious of questions that increase in difficulty that ultimately play a part in the fate of the person. If there is a question that is incorrectly answered, Lady Midday chops the unfortunate soul’s head off on the spot. In European folklore, Lady Midday is also called the Noon Witch, since she appears at the same time each day.

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