15 Best Winter Vacations on a Budget in the US

As the naked winter trees start lining your street and the branches become bejeweled with icicles and frost, you may find yourself wanting to escape the sounds of crystalline crunches of snow underneath your feet and the harsh, cold air that seemingly stings your face as you are exposed. We all agree that the first signs of old man winter amaze and thrill us; however, as the winter wonderland starts to become more harshly apparent, most of us are often left wishing we could enjoy an area with a bit more warmth, an area that is not surrounded by various shades of grey, and an area that allows us to observe, see, and play in the sun. Despite the fact that the winter season is often burdened by holiday expenses, you will be pleased to know that there are several winter vacations that you may enjoy for a fraction of the cost! In this travel guide, you will learn the 15 best winter vacations that you may take while on a budget. If you want to escape the bitter cold and subzero temperatures, continue reading!

1. San Diego

If you have a desire to shake off those winter blues, you should make a point to enjoy the sunshine in San Diego! Residents of this amazing California city consider the winter months to be the best time of the year. The beautiful beaches are free from tourists, the attractions are not overcrowded, and there are no long waits at the five-star restaurants. The weather is exceptionally mild and the off-season vibe will allow you and your family to enjoy a wide array of activities and attractions with ease. You may visit a museum, attend a show, or engage in one of the many outdoor recreation activities in the area. You can enjoy all of this and more at an affordable price! If you are searching for budget-friendly winter destinations, San Diego is at the top of the list!

2. New Orleans

New Orleans is a favorite winter destination among many travelers. The cobblestone streets, the unforgettable cuisine choices, and the hot jazz make this American destination a hot spot for those that want to escape the bone-chilling cold. By visiting this Louisiana City in the winter, you will avoid the stifling heat, the high humidity, and the threat of severe weather, such as hurricanes. The winter days in this city typically average between the upper 50s and lower 70s. The hotel rates are at their absolute lowest during the winter months and there are several cultural events that take place – offering you and your family plenty of opportunities for a little fun in the sun!

3. Scottsdale

If you are searching for a beautiful and warm area to travel to on a budget this winter, you should opt for Scottsdale, Arizona. Here, you can enjoy the warm rays from the desert sun, the absolute best in spa treatments, and a large number of outdoor activities – such as golf – for less! Avoid the crowds, the snow, and the bitter cold by planning your Scottsdale trip today!

4. Big Bend National Park

Located on the border of the United States and Mexico, the Big Bend National Park in the State of Texas is an exceptionally popular destination among travelers that wish to escape the stinging cold and dismal grey skies that are associated with the winter months. The climate is considered to be temperate, with very little moisture. Beyond the seemingly endless expanse of creosote bushes and yucca bushes, you will discover many scenic wonders that will leave you mesmerized! You can explore the vast desert, hike throughout the beautiful and majestic mountains, or, simply enjoy the magnificent Rio Grande – all for less!

5. St. Croix

The easternmost point within the United States is the U.S Virgin Islands. Here, you will discover a very small island called “St. Croix”. If you are searching for a budget-friendly winter travel destination, this is the place to go! You will get to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, high-class dining at the lowest prices and many other recreational activities for less! In the historical Christiansted, there is Hotel Caravelle, which offers spectacular deals for winter travelers! You will get to enjoy a large number of amenities for less such as a pool, a spa, a restaurant, and even a bar!

6. Caladesi Island

caladesi islandHave you ever dreamed of visiting a “secret” island that is warm and not overcrowded with tourists as you sat in your home and watched the snow come down? If so, you should visit Caladesi Island in the State of Florida. This island has no hotels or any other commercial building – only a small concession stand and a boardwalk-type nature trail. The three miles of pristine beach is known for the best shelling throughout the Gulf of Mexico. Accessible by ferry-only, this is definitely an ideal getaway for those seeking to escape the harsh, bitter cold of the winter months.

7. Key West

key-west-day-trip-in-miami-166014Key West, Florida is a wonderful option for those seeking to escape the cold temperatures of winter. You will enjoy a number of outdoor recreational activities, numerous attractions, and mild temperatures. The off-season allows you to get the best prices, the best views, and enjoy all that the region has to offer without battling massive crowds!

8. Keystone

keystone-summer-eventThe City of Keystone, Colorado is a very popular winter destination among travelers. If you are traveling with your family, you will love the fact that all kids ski free – all the time! When visiting, schedule your stay at the popular River Run Village. This is a small town with a large amount of charm, nestled snuggly into a foot of a majestic mountain. Not only will you find many low-cost activities that may be pursued, but, you will also discover many FREE activities!

9. Tybee Island

Do you find yourself craving the warmth and the hospitality of the South? If yes, you should schedule a trip to Tybee Island in the State of Georgia. Here, you will get to visit a magnificent and historical lighthouse that oversees five miles of pristine beach. The boardwalk reflects an old-fashioned style that captures the history of the region. You may get a room at Hotel Tybee for a very low price and you will be just 17 miles from the City of Savannah!

10. Las Vegas

309728B09D1231310A4501F778AC28B1Despite popular belief, Las Vegas, Nevada has many budget-friendly options for families who are traveling during the holidays on a budget! You will not only get to observe absolutely incredible displays of lights and Christmas decorations, but, you will also discover a multitude of adventures for the whole family, such as magic shows, circus shows, and music shows! Best of all, it is possible to uncover hotels and other types of lodging establishments for less than $50 per night!

11. Palatka

Do you enjoy visiting small towns with big attractions? If so, you will love Palatka, Florida! Here, you will get to observe the widest region of the St. Johns River – one of only a few that flows north. You may also visit a free museum that expounds on the history of the city and the river, as well as the Bronson-Mulholland House! This small city is nestled between many larger Florida cities, such as St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Ocala, Daytona, and Gainesville!

12. Memphis

Memphis-BannerDo you have a passion for music? If so, you should take a trip to Memphis, Tennessee. This city hosts a wide array of budget-friendly events and attractions! You may visit Graceland, the Memphis Zoo, the Memphis Rock N’ Roll Museum, the Beale Street Historic District, and more! Typically, prices are discounted during the winter months because tourism is not heavy during the season. This means that you can enjoy and experience more – for LESS!

13. St. Augustine

saint-augustineThe City of St. Augustine, FL not only has a lot of sunshine and mild temperatures during the winter months, it hosts many activities that may be enjoyed by families traveling on a budget! You may visit and walk through the historic Castillo de San Marcos or “Old Fort” and known by the locals, visit the ever-popular Alligator Farm, take a tour of the Old Jail, or even climb up to the top of a lighthouse that is rumored to be haunted!

14. Austin

Austin, Texas skyline
As the snow falls and the temperatures drop, it is quite likely that you will be dreaming of a winter wonderland with sunshine and warmth. If so, Austin, Texas is perfect for you! Here, you will discover mild temperatures in the 60s and 70s. You may enjoy a fantastic barbeque, take a little swim at the Barton Springs Pool, hike a mountain, ride a bike, and even engage in many water activities!

15. Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is considered to be one of the most charming of southern cities throughout the United States. During the winter months, the temperatures average in the 60s. This makes it an optimal time to explore the city and all that it has to offer. You may tour antebellum homes, partake in the absolute best and most exquisite dining experiences, or, simply visit one of many historic attractions in and around this city – for less!


As you can see from this guide, there are many areas in the United States that you may travel to during the winter months and actually enjoy while on a budget. In most areas, it is cheaper to visit in the winter months because it is considered to be off-season for tourists. It is during the winter time that you are likely to find the absolute best deals for your travels!

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