15 Fun Holiday Gifts for the Cat Lover In Your Life

If you are looking for the perfect cat themed gift for a cat lover, then I really think you need to continue reading. In this short article, we’ll be taking a look at gifts that are really neat; gifts that are funny, unusual, and simply irresistible for people who seriously adore their feline friends.

1. Cat Face iPhone Case

Some people love iPhones almost as much as they love their cats, so this soft 3D Cat Face iPhone cover could be a lovely little gift for any iPhone wielding friends or family. Because it’s made from rubber silicone, it is a soft case that not only looks good, but also feels good. Oh yes, and it is also super affordable. Find it on Amazon for under $10.

2. Crafting with Cat Hair

Cats are always shedding their hair, and this really amazing book contains a collection of amazing handicraft ideas that will convince you to never throw cat hair again. All the handicrafts are eco-friends, and most can be made in less than an hour. Don’t blame me if you get carried away and you want to shave your cat. Read a few pages atbarnes and noble.

3. Cat Accent Lamp

If you are looking for a gift that classy and elegant, then this SophistiCat handcrafted translucent accent lamp would be a fantastic choice. This is a particularly nice gift because it can be admired day and night. During the day it’s a lovely looking figurine, but when it is tuned on in the evenings its real beauty shines in the form of a warm comforting glow. See it here.

4. Decole Cat Manmaru Mug + Spoon

I’ve seen countless coffee mugs with pictures of cats on, but none of them could possibly be as adorable as this ceramic Cat Mug + Spoon from Japan. These mugs hold approximately 8 ounces and they are available in a limited number of colors and styles. Definitely a ninja cat style mug. Find it at the Catsite.com

5. Winged Cat Gargoyle

Do you know any cat lovers who like gothic style décor? If you do, then this Winged Cat Gargoyle would almost certainly a much appreciated gift, and one which is likely to get a prime position on one of the shelves in their home. Find it here.

6. Cat Embossing Rolling Pin

Is someone you know seriously addicted to cats? If so, they can now enjoy the sight of cats whenever the make cookies, pies, pasties, and fondant. This nifty handmade, cat embossing rolling pin can turn and layer of pastry into a feline work or art. Find it on Etsy.

7. Black Cat Skull Ring

Have you been searching for a cat themed gift which is sort of “out-of-the-box.” Well, looked no further because this black Cat Skull ring is not the sort of thing you are likely to see very often. Snag one here.

8. Funny Cat T-Shirt

A funny, “Meow, this Is My Slutty Cat Costume” t-shirt that is guaranteed to get people smiling. There are so many cat themed t-shirts out there, but the choice of words on this one certainly sets it aside from the crowd. Find it at Wanelo.

9. Cat Poop Earrings

Are you struggling to find a totally weird cat themed gift for one of your crazy friends? How about surprising them and daring them at the same time with these somewhat crazy Cat Poop Earrings? On Etsy.

10. Cats Welcome Doormat

Made from 100% coir and vinyl, this Cats Welcome doormat is a super cool gift idea for cat lovers. The mat is color fast, fade resistant, and 100% weather tolerant. It features a beige background with vibrant green bit of lawn, and 7 black cats with their tales forming the word “Welcome.” Grab one here.

11. Cat-Opoly Monopoly

Cat-Opoly is virtually the same as famous Monopoly board game, but with a feline twist. Land on “Catnip” and collect everything in the center of the board; collect litter boxes and then trade them for fish bones, and if you fall in the water, you miss three rounds. If you enjoy Monopoly, you’re gonna love Cat-Opoly. On Amazon.

12. Cat Post-It Note Dispenser

Brighten up any cat lover’s day with a truly adorable post-it note dispenser for their desk or for their kitchen. The clever one-hand dispensing design means they’ll always have a ready to use post-it note at their fingertips. Grab it from Staples for under $10.

13. Cat Umbrella

This must be the cutest and most adorable child size umbrella in the world. Not only does it look like a cute little kitty, complete with two ears and a pink heart shaped nose, but it will even meow every time you push the button located on the handle. Amazon.

14. Kitty Scotch Tape Dispenser

If you have looked at the post-it note dispenser above and you liked it, then you will love this cute Kitty Scotch tape dispenser, and I’m sure most cat lovers would too. This lovely rocking dispenser also includes one free role of tape. Office Depot.

15. Happy Cat Habitat

A lot of cat lovers are afraid to let their cats go outside in case they get lost or maybe even attacked by other animals. This strong and durable Cat Habitat is the perfect gift for anyone who owns an indoor cat because it allows indoor cats the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and sunshine in a totally safe 30 square feet protected environment. A great way to get rid of cat urine oder removed from your house as well. And, you don’t have to worry about your cat clawing it either because their claws cannot damage the material in any way. From Dr. Foster and Smith.

Well, there you have it: 15 wonderful gift ideas for cat lovers and the best part of all is the fact that all of the gifts in this list are super affordable too.

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