25 Awesome Secret Santa Gift Ideas

No one knows for sure where or when the idea of secret Santa’s first originated but, one thing is certain anyone who has ever been a Secret Santa or received a secret Santa gift will agree that this fun tradition really brings out the holiday spirit in everyone. The old saying that “it is better to give than receive” has never been truer than when you give a gift as a secret Santa. Not only can you feel good about giving a gift that brightens someone’s day but, you get to have the fun of watching the receiver of your gift try and figure out who their secret Santa could be.

What Exactly Is A Secret Santa?

Secret Santa
A Secret Santa is pretty much what it sounds like. It is someone who anonymously plays Santa Claus to someone else by giving them one or more secret and unexpected gifts in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. A secret Santa gift can be anything from a cheery note, to candy or candles, or homemade gifts. They key is that they should not be expensive and nothing you give should give away your identity. In some cases coworkers and family members draw names and everyone is a secret Santa for someone else and on a certain day the secret Santa reveals himself. However, you can choose to be a secret Santa to someone on your own and never reveal your identity to anyone. Either way being a Secret Santa is fun.

Here are some great Secret Santa gift ideas you can give to your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, coworker or neighbor. Some are generic and suitable for anyone others you will want to reserve for specific a specific person.

1. A Lottery or Raffle Ticket

During the holiday season, there are a number of raffles that are sponsored by various charities and this will give you a chance to give twice. First, by purchasing a ticket you will be helping the charity and then by giving the ticket you purchase to someone else as a secret Santa gift you are giving them a chance to win anything from a quilt, to a computer, to a music system, to a brand new car depending on the prize.

2. Rapid Ramen Cooker

Avoid the mess of spilled ramen and liquid with this thoughtful Secret Santa gift. Put the noodles in the bowl and add water to the fill line. Three minutes in the microwave produces a tasty meal. The plastic container has heat resistant handles and a reservoir that cooks noodles evenly. It’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Under $15 at Urban Outfitters.

3. The Original CONCEAL White (Small) Bookshelf by Umbra®

CONCEAL will have friends looking for the secret of several books seemingly floating in air by the wall. The bracket is mounted on the wall and hidden by the stack of books. Optical illusions are intriguing and will draw compliments for years to come. Under $20 from sendaframe.

4. Grocery Compromises Tote Bag

Green grocery shopping starts with an eco-friendly, reusable tote bag with strong straps. The clever design is a reminder of healthy and not-too-healthy items to choose between at the store. It’s a Secret Santa gift for men, women, and teens. Under $20 from Emily McDowell.

5. Selfie Shoot ‘n Share Extendable Monopod with Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control

Share this creative idea for taking selfies and small group pictures. Secure the Smartphone and take the picture when the display is right. Under $20 on overstock.

6. Tabletop Cornhole

Give the gift of fun with this wooden tabletop version of Cornhole. The ideal game in spite of the weather, it fits on an indoor table. Friends and family will enjoy using the board to launch the small beanbag. Track points on the center scoreboard when your bag lands in the hole on your opponent’s board. Under $50 at Uncommon Goods.

7. Red Bialetti Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid

This convenient pasta pot makes cooking noodles easier than ever. Features include an attractive oval design and easy grip handles. Drain water without a colander by using the twist-and-lock strainer lid. World Market $40.

8. A Gift of Song

Why not call your local radio station and have them dedicate your persons favorite song to them. Be sure to choose a station that they listen too all the time as you want them to know that the song is for them, Or leave a note telling them when to tune into the radio station so they can hear their favorite song.

9. OttLite Task Lamp with Swivel Case

The OttLite task lamp has a low glare design that reduces eye strain. Flip the lid up to the desired height so the light focuses on the subject at hand. Details are easier to read and colors are true-to-life. The portable lamp is simple to carry, thanks to the durable handle and slim features. On Amazon under $50.

10. An Ornament For Their Tree

Why not make or purchase an ornament for their Christmas tree. Choose something that would have special meaning to them. For example, if a coworker loves trains why not give them a train ornament or if mother loves flowers why not a Christmas ornament with her favorite flower painted on it.

11. Hammered Copper Ice Bucket

Attractive rounded carrying handles make this multi-tone hammered ice bucket easy to carry to party central. The warm, shimmery surface makes the bucket a conversation piece when not keeping drinks cool. At World Market under $30

12. Namely Yours Personalized Pen Set $27

An individualized gift for the home or office, the personalized pen set comes in a case that bears the monogram initial and name of the recipient across the top. The person’s name is also engraved on the quality black metal pen, making it a usable keepsake for years to come. Under $30 at Personalization Mall.

13. SportPet Pop-Open Kennel

You’re sure to please the pet-owner when you gift this SportPet kennel. The small size is perfect for cats and dogs that weigh less than 25 pounds. The handles make it easy to carry. It collapses for storage. Mesh sides allow airflow and an outside view. Walmart– Multiple Prices/Sizes.

14. Desktop Skee Ball

Who doesn’t like Skee Ball? Gift this popular arcade and carnival game, crafted into a portable version for home, office, or getaways. It sports an automatic ball return to keep the action moving. Uncommon Goods

15.Hickory Farms 4-Piece Farmhouse Sampler Gift Pack

Crackers, summer sausage and cheese from Hickory Farms are the main ingredients in this sampler pack. It weighs 12.1 ounces and includes sweet hot mustard and several candies. It’s a happy way to treat a friend, relative, or coworker to a delicious snack. From Amazon under $30. If you are a whiz in the kitchen you could also try your hand at one of these festive and delicious holiday food gift ideas.

16.Nyakers Gingersnap Tin

Share the holiday spirit by gifting a handsome, colorful tin filled with delicious gingersnaps. Everyone around will be hoping the lucky recipient of this Secret Santa gift will open it up and share. Under $15 at World Market.

17. St. Louis Rams Todd Gurley Nike Game Jersey

Make a big hit with a gift of authentic apparel from the NFL shop. Tailor the team and selection by team and/or player. Go a step further and have the Secret Santa recipient’s name emblazoned on the jersey. NFL Shop $69-$149.

18. Secret Tube Flasks That look like Tanning Lotion

These tubes look just like sun tanning lotion- nothing like an actual metal flask. They are very realistic even down to the details on the bottles. A sure fire way to bring booze with you on that expensive dinner cruise or just sitting by the pool at a fancy hotel and not wanting to pay for costly drinks. Buy Em on Amazon under $20.

19.Pocket Magnifier

Legal descriptions demand a lot of fine print. A polished silver-tone finish creates a sophisticated appearance on this folding pocket magnifier. Simply pull it out and open it to get a better look at lists, directions, and disclaimers. Under $15 at Kohls.

20. Scents of The Season

Giving potpourri, candles, or incense that have a Christmas smell and reminds one of the season can make an ideal Secret Santa gift especially for women. You can choose from scents like holly and evergreen, sugar cookies, and even myrrh. Such scents have the ability to relax as well as remind one of season. You may also choose to provide them will a special holiday coffee or tea blend for a relaxing evening sitting and doing nothing at all.

21.Business Card Case

This slim, elegant silver-tone business card holder comes with a case to protect the finish. Give the gift that helps the recipient to always have a neat, clean card to hand to potential clients and customers. Kohls $15

22.Walkers Shortbread Black Scottie Dog Tin

A novel idea for dog lovers and fans of buttery shortbread, the collectible Scottie Dog Tin holds 32 shortbread cookies in the shape of Scotties. From World Market for Under $20

23.Rhinestone Monogram Personalized Red Mug

Reward the female tea, coffee, or cocoa drinker on your list with a cheerfully colored mug personalized with a rhinestone monogram approximately two inches high. Keep the cup out of the microwave and dishwasher. Like many elegant things, it is hand-wash only. Under $20.

24.Itty-Bitty Speaker with Bluetooth
How does a speaker smaller than an ice cube deliver clear sound with lots of power? The Itty-Bitty Speaker is conveniently attached to a key ring so it is easy to carry around. Use it at parties, meetings, or wherever you wish sound to carry. It syncs with tablets, iPods, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Under $20 at Restoration Hardware.

25. A Letter From Santa

a42c982ce736f4671201aee927a159faNo one is ever to old to receive a letter from Santa and since every good Santa knows when someone is naughty or nice why not send a secret Santa letter telling the receiver how much you appreciate all the great skills they have and the kind acts they do a regular basis. This may be an especially nice gift for anyone who sometimes feels as though their efforts have gone unnoticed and unappreciated. Remember though don’t give your identity away by saying something that only you would know.

The truth is that it really doesn’t matter what Secret Santa gifts you choose as long as take the person who will be receiving the gifts feelings and likes and dislikes into consideration. Because the best Secret Santa gifts are those gifts chosen with an open heart and the desire to make someone’s holiday a little brighter a more special.

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