Artistic Thanksgiving Paper Craft Figures

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of the year to take a moment and remember your reasons for being thankful to your friends, family, neighbors, teachers, coworkers and more. Its such an underrated Holiday because every year it seems to be more and more about the food- which is awesome I will admit. But it should be a time to be at peace and really reflect on the wonderful things in your life.

Take a few extra moments this week to make someones day who might be extra busy and give them a helping help. Send that email to your child’s teacher letting them know how special they are or bring in your neighbors garbage from the curb- finding even simple ways to offer help and give gratitude should be what this Holiday season is about.

One of the ways to enjoy a little extra peace is spend some extra time doing things that make you and your family happy- whether that means cooking in the kitchen or doing arts and crafts in the living room. These super adorable Thanksgiving paper craft dolls are so much fun and really can be enjoyed by adults and older kids very much plus they are super awesome. We hope it allows you to create some wonderful family time and happy memories.


Printable and Instructions at Macula.

Printable and Instructions at Creativello.

Printable and Instructions at Macula.

Folding Instructions here.

Instructions here.

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