Gentle Ways to Relieve Constipation In Toddlers

No parent likes it when their child is uncomfortable or in pain and while constipation is normal for most toddlers it can definitely cause your little one extreme discomfort. By maintaining a balanced diet appropriate for toddlers can help reduce the incidents of constipation. Watching their stools and looking for any sign of straining during bowel movements can help you identify the beginning of constipation and react quickly to right the situation.


There are a number of common sense home remedies that are gentle and can help relieve your child’s constipation and get them back to feeling great once more. Here are a few tried and tested things you can do that have proven to be effective particularly in toddlers.

*Reduce foods that may lead to constipation. Children who eat too much cheese, processed foods, and sweets may have more trouble with bowel movements than those children who eat less of these foods. By reducing the amount of these food in your toddler’s diet you can help relieve the constipation now and help prevent it in the future.

*Increase fluids. Some children simply do not drink enough fluids to keep their stools soft. Hard stools are difficult to pass and the strain it causes may make your child try to avoid having a bowel movement. By increasing the amount of fluids your child drinks each day you can help the stools remain softer and pass more easily.

*Increase fiber. Whole grain cereals with help give your child more fiber as will juicy fruits and fruit juices. In fact, juices are a great way to increase your child’s fiber and fluids at the same time. Prune juice seems to be especially effective for relieving constipation quickly. However, many child don’t like the taste of prune juice so combining it with milk or a other juices may make it more palatable for your child.

*Gentle massage may also help to get those bowels moving and relieve your child’s constipation. Try gently rubbing your child’s stomach or lay him on the floor on his back with his legs straight out and then gently lift his legs and bend his knees to his chest. Repeat this 5 times two or three times a day.

*Increasing exercise may also help to relieve your child’s constipation. While most toddlers may be incredibly active some children prefer to sit most of the day looking at books or watching television. Try taking your toddler for a walk a half an hour after each meal or play a game of chase with him in the backyard. Moving more can actually help your child’s bowels work more efficiently.

In most cases constipation in your toddler is no cause for concern and can easily be treated by one or two of the home remedies above. However, if your child is straining hard during bowel movement often or if they consistently have less than 3 bowel movements a week regardless of how many home remedies you try you need to consult your pediatrician and have your child examined thoroughly. While it is probably nothing serious, it is better to be safe than sorry and he may be able to give you some additional advice that will help.

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