Home Remedies for Gas Relief

Gas is one of the most common problems that people face today. Not only is it common, but it is embarrassing as well, thus people who are regularly affected by gas problems need to find a solution for this recurrent problem. These simple home remedy treatments can help you in finding the best possible solutions to combat gas problems, pain, and relief. However, we start off by taking you through some of causes of gas formation, which will help you in understanding the treatment options as well.
gas relief

Where Does the Gas in Stomach Come From?

Gas in a person’s stomach comes from two sources i.e. Swallowed air & from undigested food. The swallowed air generally leaves ones stomach through burping whereas some part of is absorbed and the rest is released through the rectum.

Just like swallowing of air, gas in human body is formed by the breakdown of undigested food. This food is broken down by bacteria (these are harmless bacteria that stay in ones stomach) into carbon dioxide, hydrogen and in some individuals’ methane. This gas is passed through the rectum.

What are the Problems Caused by Gas?

There are various kinds of problems associated with Gas and its intensity varies according to the severity of the problem. Some of the commonest problems that people have to face almost on every occasion of gas formation include abdominal pain, abdominal belching, abdominal bloating and flatulence. Like we mentioned, the intensity depends on the severity, but these symptoms are not faced by all. It depends on various factors such as the person’s sensitivity to gas, fatty absorption by one’s body and so on.

Home Remedies for Gas Relief

There are hundreds of medicines that promise you results when it comes to gas related problems. However, if you are looking to solve this problem for life then it is better to consider some simple home remedies.

1. Watch Your Diet

Gas formation is primarily controlled by changing ones diet. You always need to ensure that you have a well balanced diet. Make sure you eat enough fiber from vegetables and fruit and eat lean proteins with simple carbohydrates like whole grains and rice. While you change your diet, you also need to avoid aerated drinks. Intake of aerated or bubbly drinks means that you leave plenty of place empty in your stomach for air to hide which leads to burping and gas build up.

2. Eat Slowly

Most of us have a habit of finishing our food within minutes. This is one reason which causes gas formation. One should eat slowly, while ensuring that they chew the food completely, so that the process of digestion happens smoothly.

3. Give Tea A Chance

For people who love drinking tea, peppermint tea or chamomile tea is a very good drink to help them tackle gas problem. These herbs calm the internal digestive track and offers your intestines a way to relax. Tea with grounded ginger root and honey also has similar effects.

4. Exercise

Like any health problem, even in cases of gas problems exercises hold the key. It is believed that if a person does an hour’s exercise – yoga or stretching is best everyday then he/she is not likely to suffer from any serious gas problems. However, an adult on an average pass gas about 15-20 times a day, so in most of the cases one should not panic.

5. Drink Water Before You Eat

If you drink liquids before your meal, it helps you to digest your foods better and absorb your nutrients. If you drink too much liquid while you eat, you lose stomach acids and it can’t break down food as well.

If you think you are suffering from a gas problem, try out some of the home remedies mentioned above and feel the difference. If your gas is persistent or painful, consult your doctor – it could be a sign of a more serious digestive condition, such as IBS, lactose intolerance or intestinal disorders.

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