DIY Home Surveillance System Installation

surv1There are many reasons why a homeowner may choose to install a home surveillance system. Some parents like the idea of viewing their security cameras from the internet. Any internet ready mobile phone will allow them to check in on the kids while they are still at work. Other folks may be out of town often and want to protect their property by deterring crime. Whatever the reason modern surveillance cameras are affordable and can even be purchased back in kit form. They are not difficult to install.

How to Install a Home Surveillance System

The first thing to do is decide which areas that you would like to view. Most people place cameras at their front and back doors and one facing down the driveway. Another one can be placed to view the backyard and another to view the front yard. The first step is to mount the bracket at the location using the two screws that are included. Then attach the camera to the bracket. Next, attach the color-coded wires to the camera and then run them to the viewing location inside. Try to conceal the wires were ever possible. Installing them through the attic is the best option. Do this for all five cameras.

What to do next

Once all of the cameras are installed place the DVR where you would like to view the cameras. Modern televisions will have input jacks for video cameras or an auxiliary. Attach each of cameras to the DVR using the same color code use on the cameras. Attached the DVR to your monitor or to your wide-screen TV next, using the included connectors. Connecting it to the TV is more convenient because you can easily switch from program to cameras in instant.

Finalizing The Project

The next thing to do is turn everything on and see if you have a signal. Then view each camera separately, but also view them simultaneously on one screen. The DVR will have a feature allowing you to do this. Once you are satisfied and everything is working properly, you can fine-tune how the cameras are aimed. It is best to have a second person help you with this but not necessary.

Enjoy Your Project

Once everything is adjusted and working properly you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. When you hear the dog barking in the backyard you can conveniently switch to your camera in the back to see what is going on. If you hear someone pulling in your driveway, you can instantly view who it is. Is someone knocking at the front door? Now you can see who it is before you open the door. As a reminder, remember to call your insurance company and check on any discounts may be eligible for.

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