No Bake Giant Twix Bar!! OMG Yes!

Ok- well, we love yummy treats here in the office. We try our best to keep things healthy and bring in fresh fruit and stuff… but whenever someone brings in a home made treat- we can’t keep out hands off it. So this time, we decided to give the GIANT no bake Twix Bar recipe a try. It was way easier than we could even have imagined… and way messier eating than we could have imagined but thats because Blake just could not wait for the knife and dug right in! He was also a huge fan of the Reese’s Giant Peanut Butter Cup and needless to say… we had no leftovers.

In just under an hour or so you can have your own giant Twix bar to share with friends or family. Great for Birthday parties or holiday parties as well- always a big hit amongst friends.

Giant Twix Bar Recipe:

2 pounds chocolate candy melts
2 packets Walkers shortbread biscuits
2 bags Werthers soft caramel chews (or other caramel chews)

We were hoping to post photos of our party and Blake of course, but he was a bit too embarrassed. We can’t blame him but still wanted to give you guys a visual as to what he looked so… here ya go- just image him a big older 😉


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