Rotavirus Home Remedies

When your child or someone that you love is ill is can be stressful trying to figure out a way to help them feel better. Young children, especially those that are five years old or younger, are more susceptible to flu and virus infections. And most all kids at some point will get the rotavirus infection being that it is so common.

What is Rotavirus?


Rotavirus is a virus that infects the bowels. It is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among infants and children throughout the world and causes about 600,000 deaths in children annually. The name rotavirus comes from the characteristic wheel-like appearance of the virus when viewed by a microscope.

Rotavirus is normally transmitted by hand to mouth contact. People can pass along the rotavirus infection even if they show no signs of the virus. People also contract the virus when they don’t wash their hands after using restroom facilities, change the diaper of an infected infant, touch a contaminated object, or inhale infected water droplets after someone sneezes or coughs.

Children with a rotavirus infection may experience fever, nausea and vomiting, and watery diarrhea. After two days, the fever and vomiting usually stop, but the diarrhea can continue for five to seven days leading to severe dehydration. If your young child or baby becomes listless, pail, or continues to throw up please visit a doctor or hospital as their condition can turn serious very quickly.

If you find yourself in a position with symptoms that are not severe and you are looking for rotavirus home remedies, there are a few simple rules that you can follow which will help your child get well and feel better.

Rotavirus Home Remedies

If you have an infant that is suffering from this ailment and they are on formula, you do not want to dilute it and you want to give them a small amount at a time. For moms that breastfeed you should continue to feel your baby normally. Keep in mind that what is in your body will pass to your baby so you need to know that for rotavirus home remedies to work with a breastfeeding infant you will need to watch what you eat and drink- a bland diet for mom works best. This can go a long way in helping your baby to get well. The rotavirus can last for several days and if it goes on for too long you should visit with your pediatrician to check for dehydration and other ailments. There is no ‘cure’ for Rotavirus. It just has to run its course.

For children that are old enough to eat solid food you are going to want to be choosy about the foods you feed them. Of course they may not have much of an appetite but they will need to eat and drink something to avoid dehydration. Keeping stock in soda crackers, pedialyte or a natural sugar/salt water mixture and soup is a good start to helping young ones with tummy aches and illness. You want to feed them bland foods that are easy on the stomach and easy to digest. Do not feed them anything heavy or filled with sugar as this can just make the symptoms worse.

1. Eat Bland Foods:
When diarrhea starts, restrict child to the BRAT diet. (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast). This diet is good for giving the body needed potassium that will bind the bowels. Breast milk is of course encouraged for infants during the treatment period.

2. Drink Lots of Liquids:
Encourage the consumption of liquids to fight dehydration and ease diarrhea. Liquids flush the body of toxins and help to clean out the system. Make sure that they take small sips of water or clear beverages, such as broth and ice chips. Avoid drinks, like apple juice and dairy products, which can worsen diarrhea in children.

3. Wash Your Hands:
This may seem obvious- but the rotavirus illness is very contagious so practice your best hygiene while this bug is around the home. Clean water is also vital for controlling the rotavirus infection so it is best to use a water purification system if tap water is being used.

4. Ice:
Sucking on ice chips and small ice cubes can ease the symptoms of rotavirus and hydrate the body.

5. Avoid Irritating Foods:
You don’t want to suffer an irritated stomach when you have rotavirus. It is suggested to avoid foods, such as dairy products and fatty or highly seasoned foods.

6. Adults- Cut Out Habits:
Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine when battling a case of rotavirus.

7. Yeast and Probiotics:
Live yeast can be used to prevent diarrhea while probiotics can help to maintain the good bacteria in the intestines that will fight the virus. There are a number of very good children and infants probiotics in the market today- check out your local health food store.

8. Salty Foods:
Replacing the salt lost due to diarrhea and vomiting can help the symptoms of mild dehydration associated with rotavirus. To replenish your body of the lost salt, try simple foods such as pretzels or Saltine crackers.

9. Bananas:
Loaded with potassium, bananas have a reputation for treating dehydration and replace lost potatssium. They are considered the best fruit to consume when you have rotavirus.

10. Watery Fruits:
Once you have gotten past the BRAT foods phase, try some organic watery fruits. The higher the water content, the better the results. A few suggestions include cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers and pineapple.

Re-hydration Tips For Rotavirus

The right things to drink are just as important as the right foods as well for rotavirus. You will find that Pedialyte is a great thing for them to drink or coconut water. Dairy, milk or juices such as apple are not good when you are treating rotavirus. No matter what they are drinking even if it is water, they should take little sips at a time so it is easy on the stomach. You may even want to try ice chips until they are ready to drink something more solid.

There are other symptoms that you may have to deal with as well such as fever or vomiting so go slow with the remedies and make them as comfortable as you can. These home remedies are some of the same as treating a serious stomach flu but this particular virus is most common in young children so its best to stay simple, let them rest and relax and allow the virus to run its course while encouraging a simple diet with probiotics and of course hydrating best you can.

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