Super Fun Hannukah Crafts For Kids

1. Child’s Paper Menorah


This unique menorah uses hand prints to create the candles.

What you need:

12 x 18 inch construction paper for each menorah.
Pan or shallow bowl.
Blue fingerpaint.
White fingerpaint.
Gold glitter.
Tape to hang art.

How to do it:

Put the paper flat on a table or other even surface.

Place both hands in the blue fingerpaint until the palms and fingers have a good layer to print with.

Angle your hands to make the shape of a “V”. Spread the fingers apart and place the top of one thumb over the other. Press the hands on the paper and lift carefully to avoid smudging. Let dry.

Use gold glitter to make the flames on the nine candles. Let it dry.

Swish a 2 inch banner of white fingerpaint across the bottom to create a mantle. Streak a wisp of white fingerpaint across the lower palms of the handprints. Let dry.

Hang your menorah on the wall, refrigerator, or put it on the mantle.

2. Star of David

This Star of David uses popsicle sticks.

What you need:

Blue paint.
Six popsicle sticks for each star.
Small paint brush.
Silver glitter.

How to do it:

Paint one face of each popsicle stick, including the sides. After the six sticks dry, turn them over and paint the back. Let them dry.

Put a little bit of clear-drying glue on the front of one stick and lightly sprinkle it with glitter. Put glitter on all six of the sticks.

Use three popsicle sticks to make a triangle. Glue the ends together. Make another triangle with the last three sticks. The glittered sides are for the front of each triangle.

Overlap the triangles to form a star. One triangle will be pointing up and the other triangle pointing down, creating six points for the star. Once the star is the right shape, glue the pieces together and let the star dry.

3. DIY Gelt Bank for Hanukkah

Talk with your child about the meaning of the Gelt bank. Suggest they donate this year’s Gelt money to the charity of their choice.

What you need:

Small empty can with straight sides and a plastic lid
Construction or notebook paper
Crayons, paint, buttons, stickers, bits of colored paper.

How to do it:

Use a clean, empty can (such as a nut or frosting can). Cut a piece of paper to fit around it, adding a half-inch extra for joining.

Let your child decorate the paper.

Glue or tape the paper on the outside of the can.

Cut a slit in the lid that change will drop through.

Give your child some change each day of Hanukkah to put into the Gelt bank.

Donate the collections to your child’s chosen charity.

4. Paper Star of David



This is a fairly easy craft project. Use the stars to make a chain, decorate wreaths, or create a mobile. Once you’ve made the star using these dimensions, you can change the paper sizes to vary the results.

What you need:

White paper – 8 ½ x 11
Glue or tape

How to make it:

Fold the paper in half lengthwise to measure 5 ½ x 8.
Fold the paper in half downwards so it measures 5 ½ x 4.
Cut the paper from the inside of the folded edge diagonally to the lower part of the other folded edge, just above the unfolded bottom edge. When you open the paper, the folded part will be two nearly equilateral triangles.

Cut a smaller triangle from the fold, leaving a half-inch edge along the open sides. You will have two open triangles.

Place the tops of the triangles so they are facing each other (it will look almost like an hourglass). Slide the triangles together until they make a six-pointed star.

Use glue or tape to hold the star together. Fold Instructions here.

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