Three Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and what’s more fun kids than to help create a fun arts and crafts well-dressed table. Celebrants can show off the latest fashion in turkey hats, thanks to the nimble fingers of family artists. Prepare a mental list of things you appreciate to add to your thankful placemat. And a cute and clever turkey centerpiece may draw more attention than the pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving crafts make the season special for all. These three fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts are sure to make the Holiday more festive and remind you what the day is really about- giving thanks!

Paper Turkey Party Hat

Thanksgiving crafts are fun to make at any age, whether it’s something for yourself or someone else. A turkey hat is a perfect treat for kids this holiday season and can be made by adults or older children.

The original design calls for google eyes. If the hats are for young children who might be tempted to sample the ornaments instead of leaving them on the turkey’s face, substitute them with paper eyes. Cut out two white circles and two small black circles for each redesigned hat. Use glue to hold the black dots to the white ones, and to fasten the white dots to the turkey’s face.

Provide safety scissors to children who aren’t quite adept at cutting thick paper.

Buy a pack of 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch multi-color construction paper to get the most variety for feather colors. Use larger sheets of orange construction paper. You’ll find them at dollar stores, hobby shops, and some fabric stores.

Use a soft lead pencil to trace the color feather templates. The markings will hardly show once the shapes are cut out.
Use an invisible glue stick to fasten the different pieces. Set the hat aside until it is completely dry.

For complete instructions- visit All Kids Network

Thankful Placemats

Butcher paper adds a nice touch to the Thanksgiving theme. Use large pieces of construction paper or poster board, if you prefer. Decorate the area around the “I’m thankful for” section with Thanksgiving stickers or festive feathers and leaves from construction paper. Place a line of glue around the edge of the paper and sprinkle it with glitter.

Paper Turkey Centerpiece

Why not try your hand making this adorable turkey centerpiece wearing a Pilgrim’s hat? If you’re only crafty once or twice a year, you may need to locate your scissors, glue and paper. You can choose to print the pieces out in color, if you need the centerpiece in a hurry. Make the wings moveable by using brass tacks to attach the wings instead of glue.

You can select to print the turkey template in color or black and white, if you or the kids want to color the pieces. Print out template 1 and 2 in color or B&W, or mix the two. Templates and full instructions here.

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